Dwijaya Syaifil Munir

Curiculum vitae

Complete Name : Dwijaya Syaifil Munir, S.Sn
Place & Date of Birth : Tegal, 1 May
Rinjani Barat 3,no:11,RT:01/RW:19,


Jaya, Dwijaya Syaifil Munir ist am 13.Juni 2023 viel zu früh von uns gegangen.
er sei unvergessen...
Jaya, Dwijaya Syaifil Munir left us far too early on June 13, 2023. he will not be forgotten...
Jaya, Dwijaya Syaifil Munirmeninggalkan kami terlalu dini pada 13 Juni 2023. dia tidak akan dilupakan...

Formal of Education's:
1980 : SMP
1983 : SMKI Surakarta
1987 : STSI Surakarta

Since 1983 Performances of dance for many events, such as:
- Wedding Ceremony
- Art Appreciation's
- Festival of dances
Since 1990: instructor of dance of kids
Since 1993: instructor of dance for tourist and students (private)
Desember2000-Now : Contribute in "Wayang Kampung" comunity
29 October 1993 Dance composition of "Wudhar" for the last examination of STSI Surakarta
12 April 1994 Meeting of Multi Media Art "Nur Gora Rupa"
1995 Created a piece of dance in 50 years of Indonesian Independent Day titled "Mangan Ora Mangan Kumpul"
Meeting of teachers of movement International at Padepokan Lemah Putih, titled "Mangan Ngumpul"
10 November 2000 National Day of Herro in Kampung Petoran Surakarta
31 Desember 2000 Create a piece "Secuil Doa" at Taman Budaya Surakarta

Experiences and Activities within Performances:
September 1983 : Legalizing of PON (National Tournament of Sport) in Sriwedari, Solo
February 1985 : Workshop at SMKI (Traditional High School)
August 1985 : Legalizing of Gedung Wanita Surakarta
September 1985 : Performing of Taman Srimulat Jakarta
May 1986 : Contribute of dance examination of student at ASTI Yogyakarta
1983-1987 : Contribute of examination for students at SMKI Surakarta
July 1988 : Performance of TIM (Taman Ismail Marzuki)
1987-1993 : Contribute students examination at STSI Surakarta
1992,1994,1995 : Contribute of Wayang Kulit Experiment by Slamet Gundono
1993 : Contribute of "SUMUR JAGUNG" by Djarot Budidarsono
1994 : Contribute of OPERA DIPONEGORO" by Sardono W. Kusumo
1995 : Contribute of student examination at STSI Surakarta by R.S.Dewi Murni
1996 : Performing art "NGIBING DISCOUVERING LANGUAGE" as a collaboration with Heike M. Pfreundtner (eurythmist from Germany)
Tour Performance to many cities in Java
Involved in Wayang Gremeng performance in TEMPO magazine
August-November1999 Tour Performances to around Germany with Empat Sekampung
May-July 2000 Tour Performances to Germany - around Stuttgart
Agustus 2001 Colaboration performances with Eurithmy Mobil(German) in Solo/Surakarta
January-April 2002 Nürtingen,Fellbach,Bodense,Stuttgart (German)
Agustus 2002 "Tepung" SMK 8 (SMKI) Surakarta
April - June 2003 Workshop & Performances, Switzerland, German, Amsterdam
April 13th - May 25th 2004 Stuttgart, stockhah,Muhlingen,Wahlwies,Salem,Hamburg,Tubingen,Switzerland
Agustus 2004 : "Wait a Minute" in Youth International Conference--Taman Budaya Surakarta
November 27th 2004 : Colaboration with Wayang Kulit/pupet shadow Ki Enthus Susmono;International AID's day in Pagelaran Kraton Kasunanan Surakarta
Sept 14th - Oct 20th 2005: Workshop and performances,Fairy tale "Hans im Gluck" in German:Uberlingen,Pfullendorf,Salem,Winterbach,Engelberg,Suttgart
Tournee with Performance:
13 Sept- 6 november 2007
German:Berlin,Herdwangen, Steißlingen, Überlingen, Hannover, Stuttgart, Pforzheim , Neunrade Austria-Lustenau Italia-Bari
in May 2008 :Bonn, Stuttgart, Überlingen

Dwijaya Syaifil Munir

Since the beginning of the cultural exchange between Java and Germany (1999-now), Jaya participates in the Eurythmie-Mobil group as a dancer, singer, gamelan player or clown. He was born 1968 in Central Java. He was formed in STSI (Solo university of arts). In Solo, for at least 10 years he leads several dance groups of young artists. Teaching at the Intenational Youth Conference CONNECT 2003 in Switzerland he could transmit his understanding about being connected in a workshop named "dance your own rhythm".

His performing arts show a clear dedication to the traditional javanese style from where he develops improvisation as a solist or a partner in pieces like: Dreaming in Drumming (1999), Reaksi (2002), Tepung (2002).

sunday, 9.10.05, 5 pm
with Dwijaya Syaifil Munir & Diana-Maria Sagvosdkina

at Studio für BewegungsChiffren
Diana-Maria Sagvosdkina
D-70188 Stuttgart 
Tel: 0049 (0)711-282338
Fax: 2841719
Mobil: 0175-5017409

Dwijaya & Diana-Maria 1, short cut

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Dwijaya & Diana-Maria 2, short cut

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Dwijaya & Diana-Maria 3, short cut

Dwijaya & Diana-Maria 4, short cut

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Dwijaya & Diana-Maria 5, short cut

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Dwijaya, short cut

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zeitgenössischer Indonesischer Tanz: Banyu Mili – von Dwijaya Syaifil Munir
das Wasser in der neoliberalen Weltpolitik



zeitgenössischer indonesischer Tanz & BewegungsChiffren: BANYU MILI
Dwijaya Syaifil Munir & Diana-Maria Sagvosdkina





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