Dance:   Diana-Maria Sagvosdkina  Gerd Vespermann 
Günter Arnulf  Reader:   Günter Arnulf 
Musician :  Shigeru Kan-no 

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Diana-Maria Sagvosdkina

*1963 in Stuttgart
1982-86 Study on the Eurythmeum Stuttgart
activity at the stage of the Eurythmeum,
performances and courses in Moscow,
birth of a daughter and a son,
free instruction activity reason of the Initiativkonto
1996 establishment studio for movement ciphers,
which executes artistic projects with the emphasis of contemporary seal, music, painting and movement.
2003 Singingbowls massage
2004 Start of Heileurythmie education
2005-2008 Dancetherapy education



Gerd Vespermann

*1950 in Hameln
after practice of several occupations
1982-86 Study of the eurythmie
since 1987 teacher to the FWS Goettingen.




Günter Arnulf

*1948 in Dortmund
play formation at the Folkwang university,
some theatre commitments
study of the eurythmie in Berlin and thorn oh/Switzerland
as Eurythmist in educational and social fields of work actively
the 1988-95 as actors and stage director to the Novalisbuehne, Stuttgart,
since then free lance among other things at the national theatre Stuttgart,
1998-2002 at the theatre tri stage.
2007 death
Günther Arnulf Poem tapes: " last light " " without you with you " " selection "
for each 8.- Euro order

Shigeru Kan-no

*1959 in Iino/Fukushima (Japan).
Studied, Tokyo, Vienna, Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Frankfurt piano, theory, conducting, musicology and composition
with Tekehito Shimazu, Akira Nishimura, Karl Oestrreicher, Leonard Bernstein, Helmut Lachenmann and Hans Zender.
24 times music prices, 15 times scholarships, 12 times participation in festivals for new music. 194 compositions,ca. 100 arrangements for original, 10 normal arragements and 10 electronic music in european number only in 2001 years. A conductor for new music of different orchestras and ensemble for new music. As a pianist he is specializing on contemporary music and free improvisation. Broadcasting for Radio and TV in European and Japan. 7 musical publishers and CD labels.
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